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Voice Lesson Formats

Voice Lessons with Amparo

Increase your vocal point of excellence when you take private voice lessons with Amparo. Lessons are customized and each student is treated as an individual with unique needs and independent goals.

Students can expect to receive instruction in:

  • Vocal Techniques
    Register, Register Blending, Placement Location, EQ and Breath Density, Vibrato, Vibrato Speed, Vibrato Width, Vowel Formation, Texturing and Stylization Techniques, Resonance Control, Easy High Notes, Belting, Commercial Voice

  • Vocal Styles
    Authenticity in Jazz, Pop, R&B, Gospel, Country, Rock, Musical Theater, and all Latin music styles

  • Performance
    Lyric Interpretation, Audition Preparation, Mic Technique for Live Stage Work

  • Vocal Health
    Vocal Anatomy, Voice Preservation, Singing is Athletic

The Gotta Sing studio includes a digital recording studio with a transposing keyboard. The studio is available for voice lessons, audition preparation, and voiceover work. Students should bring their own accompanist or karaoke CDs. Vocalists are encouraged to bring tracks from their current CD projects. Singers residing outside the South Florida area wishing to receive singing instruction from Amparo can take lessons through SightSpeed or Skype. To schedule a lesson through SightSpeed or Skype, email Amparo at A time will be reserved for you and payment will be made using a credit card at the time of the lesson. Students have the choice of receiving lessons in English or Spanish.

Half-hour and one-hour private lessons are available Tuesday through Saturday. Current rates are $40 per half-hour, $75 per hour.

Cancellation Policy: Your lesson time is reserved for you. Let me know at least 24 hours ahead of time (more if possible) if you need to cancel or reschedule. Cancellations or reschedules within less than 24 hours of the scheduled appointment will result in being charged the full amount for the lesson.

Amparo is available for on-site or in-studio coaching and will need to charge an additional travel fee.

Three Lesson Options
Vocal Evaluation
Vocal Production
Vocal Coaching
Audition Preparation