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Amparo is one of those rare teachers who can not only sing beautifully but can teach in a variety of vocal styles. She has the skills to help singers solve vocal problems quickly. If you're looking for a voice coach who's got all the goods, Amparo Bellon-Champ is the teacher for you.
--Lisa Popeil, Voiceworks® Method, Los Angeles, California

Amparo Bellon-Champ is an exceptionally talented and gifted artist and vocal coach who exhibits the highest integrity in both her crafts by achieving that special degree of excellence. Her insight and receptiveness of the in-depth concepts provide a landscape for the unleashing of the students soul to paint beautiful vocal colors in each and every song in all the various styles.
--Dr. L Scott Martin, Academy of the Arts Denver, Colorado

I am a classically-trained singer with very little experience singing pop and jazz. Amparo helped me tremendously. She helped me to understand nuances and style through subtle changes in voice quality, rhythm and breathing. Her guidance helped open the door to new repertoire that I've always wanted to sing and gave me the confidence to sing it in its appropriate style. I also highly recommend Amparo's CD Gotta Sing. It is very helpful for learning different singing genres.
--Jennifer Thomas, Voice and Speech Coach

Amparo worked with me for about two years. I was a slow student, but she brought me along always with kindness and patience. Through Amparo, I learned how to breathe correctly for singing so that there was minimal or no strain visible. I also learned how to sing in my natural range and even extend it. Above all, I learned how to put my own voice and musical quality in my singing. After working with Amparo, I had the confidence and the ability to perform a song, a Capella, in public at an open mic.
--John Coughlin, Voice Student

I am a songwriter, and my singing leaves a lot to be desired. I got a real surprise in 2007, when I was invited to sing an original work on stage in Athens, Greece. The stage fright started the day their e-mail came out of the blue, saying they wanted me to be part of the lineup at Athens Festival 2007. I can write, but I am not a singer. I asked Amparo if she could make me into a singer in one month. A couple voice lessons later, I flew to Greece and walked onto that stage as cocky as a Grammy winner. Amparo had taught me how to breathe, how to stand, how to phrase, and even how to look at the audience. I was an overnight miracle. When I was done, they applauded heartily, and a number of them actually thought I was a pro! It was only possible because of Amparo.
--Frank Manning, Songwriter

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